Rimac Automobili

CarLock Visits Rimac Automobili

Back in May, we visited a young European technology company Rimac Automobili, based near the capital city of Croatia, the birth country of electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, from whom the American automaker Tesla got its name.  Here, you can set your eyes on something really special — the first all-electric supercar — Concept_One.

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CarLock Blog Improve Experience

Three Steps to Improve Your CarLock Experience

The CarLock device is designed to be easily installed through the OBD connector (diagnostics connector) without using any tools or having to deal with the car’s electrical system. All you need to do is find the connector in your car (or ask us for assistance) and plug in the device.

Since every car manufacturer has a different philosophy when placing the OBD connector into the car, the plugged in CarLock device could be overexposed, facing upward, facing downward, or even obstructing the pedals. To ensure the optimal performance, we suggest you follow these three simple steps to improve your CarLock experience. Continue Reading →


Awesome Car Hacks You Should Try

There’s no doubt technology can save your time and money, especially when it comes to car issues. Sometimes, however, all you need are just a few simple home items and a pinch of creativity. In today’s blog post, we made a list of simple tricks that will make your time on the road easier, cheaper and more pleasurable. Check them out!

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