CarLock Backup Call Notifications

Backup Call Notifications

There are times when push notifications are just not enough. Bad cellular network or roaming limitations are often a big reason why you simply can not be notified in time. While we have been offering the backup SMS notifications for some time now, we are happy to announce the new CarLock feature – Backup call notifications. iPhone users may find this new feature especially useful as you can set your phone to ring even when the phone is in silent mode. Continue Reading →

OBD Extension Cable

OBD Extension Cable and Power Adapter

Location of the OBD connector (diagnostics connector) varies from car model to car model. While it is easy to find it in most cars, it is more challenging for others. OBD connector is usually located near the driver’s knees or under the arm rest.

Some cars have OBD connector mounted under a hatch that can not be closed, or under the dashboard plastic that can not be mounted back after the CarLock device is installed. Other cars have the OBD connector located in a place that makes the device too visible or even restricting you when reaching for pedals.

If you want to use CarLock in a car with restricted access to the OBD connector or just simply want to hide the device, we offer special cables that solve this problem. Continue Reading →